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Moa: A Fragile Winter Sweet Delicacy and the Pride of Bengal

09 Feb 2022

Online Joynagarer Moa

Joynagar's famous 'moa' is a winter must-have for all Bengali households. This concoction, which is handcrafted in a village near Kolkata, sends everyone into a food coma. A moa is a fragile and soft sweet that melts in your tongue. So, if you need Joynagarer moa online to spend a lovely and tasty winter, reach Joynagar now!

'Kanakchur Dhaan,' which has a unique aroma and flavor, is used to make 'Moa.' Joynagarer moa is also made with Bengal's legendary Nolen Gur (date palm tree extract jaggery with exceptional taste and aroma), kanakchur khoi (a type of popped rice made from a specific variety of aromatic rice), gawa ghee (clarified butter made from cow milk), elach (cardamom), cashew, kheer, and raisins (kismis).

Because of 'Moa,' all West Bengal people are familiar with the name of the village 'Joynagar Mozilpur' in the district of South 24 Parganas, around 50 kilometers from Kolkata. The founders of Joynagar's moa are Purnachandra Ghosh, also known as Bunchikibabu, and Nitya Gopal Sarkar. The name 'Moa' is well-known not only in West Bengal but also in other Indian states.

In the winter, all Bengalee homes will be packed with moa boxes. People rush through shops looking for the last piece before the season is over. In 2015, it became the first Bengali sweet to be given the GI (Geographical Indication) tag. It is truly a moment of pride for all Bengalees.

Boxes of moa are shipped to Bengalees all over the world, who place orders for them. Other individuals have discovered this delicacy by word of mouth and small bits. Bahrain, Canada, Italy, and Dubai are among the countries that have placed orders for boxes.

But it's not that all boxes contain authentic Joynagarer moa. A large percentage of so-called Joynagarer moa in Kolkata and across Bengal are very poor and counterfeit recreations of the original one. So, be very careful while buying this unique piece of heaven. And to get the authentic moa, go no further than Joynagar.

Genuine Joynagarer Moa packages with the GI tag will be available everywhere starting in the first week of December. The GI stamp and the sweet's approved logo will be printed on the specially designed packets to demonstrate that what's inside is genuine and of superior flavor and quality than what we generally use.

If you go into the history of the moa, you'll find that it left a delicious taste on the tongues of prominent freedom fighters and members of the Bengal Renaissance movement. Many well-known social reformers, archaeologists, physicians were all huge fans of this Bengal sweet delicacy. Some of these people include Kalidas Dutta, Shibnath Shastri, Nilratan Sarkar, Bimal Krishna Motilal (the renowned professor of Oxford University), and many more.

So, if your mouth is watering at the thought of this piece of heaven, reach Joynagar immediately. Not only Joynagarer moa, but Joynagar also offers a variety of products to the market, including numerous bamboo products, artificial flowers wholesale, cane basket trays, Nolen Gur, Sundarban forest honey, original Khejur Gur, and many more at an affordable price. Visit their website for detailed information.


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