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Some Essential Information about Sola Wood Roses

26 Mar 2022

Sola Wood Flowers Bulk

Sola wood roses are one of the most elegant flowers available. Like all other sola wood flowers, sola roses are one-of-a-kind, all-natural, and cost-effective flowers. They're simple to make and look lovely and appealing in any environment. They are suitable for bouquets as well as interior and exterior decoration. The most incredible thing about them is that they can last for a long time. And if you need to buy these beautiful sola flowers wholesale, reach Joynagar right away!

The Making

Sola wood roses are created from the corky inner substance of the so-called Aeschynomeneaspera plant, just like all other sola wood flowers. Manihot Esculenta, often known as yucca or cassava, and Ochroma Pyramidale, i.e., balsa wood can also be used to make these. The wood of these plants is considered to be the lightest. They grow swiftly and produce renewable wood.

These flowers are handcrafted, thus their production is rather impressive. This means that during the artisanal processes, no machines are used. To get to the corky material, the bark must first be removed. The corky inside is used to make extra thin, spongy, and fluffy slices. After that, they're carefully shaped. Because they are handcrafted, no two flowers are the same.


Sola wood roses are delicate and versatile flowers. Ivory is their natural color, however, they can be painted. When it comes to colors, the sky's the limit. Sola dye colors are the best option for dying them. Acrylic, oil, fabric, or spray paints, as well as watercolors, can all be used.

Usage for Decoration

Sola wood roses are a common choice for bridal bouquets and wedding decor. They add a unique touch to any floral arrangement. For every bride, there are a variety of alternatives and bouquets from which to choose. There will be no two alike. You can add bamboo or wire stems to the flowers, or attach them to whatever project you're working on directly. They can be used in any style of interior design for any event. Arrangements that are both beautiful and spectacular are guaranteed.

Minimum Maintenance

Sola rose flowers do not necessitate a lot of care. The most important thing is to keep them in a dry and cool place so that they can retain their natural shape and color. If they are dyed, direct sunshine and humid environments may cause them to deteriorate. They will last a lifetime if you take minimal care of them.


Sola roses can be found in a variety of places, from high-end stores to the online marketplace. Meanwhile, the best quality sola rose flowers are available for purchase on the Joynagar platform. These are 100% authentic and were purchased directly from the manufacturers. So, buying sola flowers wholesale from Joynagar is the best option.

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