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Belli Sola Wood Flower
3 cm, 4 cm, 6 cm

Belli Sola Wood Flower

From Rs.0.00 INR
Belli  Sola wood flowers are made up of Sola plant, and that they are very soft and pliable. Each individual sola flower is handmade, so no two will look precisely the same. The natural color...
Lotus Sola wood Flower - JOYNAGAR
6cm, 8cm
Curl Beauty Sola Wood Flower - JOYNAGAR

Curl Beauty Sola Wood Flower

Rs.850.00 INR
Curl Beauty Sola features a similar petal shape to a dahlia, but with more delicate and soft folds. Layers of petals provides it texture and fullness. 6 individual Sola Abigail...
Zarah Sola Wood Skin Flower - JOYNAGAR
6cm, 8cm