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Palm Jaggery Online is a perfect sweetener found in winters. Khejur Gur is a traditional sweetener. This is most importantly found in West Bengal. The winter product is very tasty. The palatable taste of the uncertified jaggery makes every individual crazy. This Gur or jaggery is collected from the morning sap of the date palm trees. This is quite healthy and is used in many sweets. Today we will get to know about Rasgulla. Yes, Khejur Gur is also used to prepare a perfect delicacy famous in West Bengal. So, let’s read about it and understand the recipe.

How is Rasgulla Prepared with Khejur Gur?

A special treat for your guests is the best palm jaggery online Rasgulla. Marvelous for your sweet tooth, this is something amazing. Let us read about the same below and feel the taste.

Preparing Chena

First of all, the preparation of Chena is vital. Mixing lemon juice in the lukewarm water for Chena is the first step. Now, full-fat milk is boiled. After the boiling of the milk, joynagarer moa pours the mixture of lemon and water into the milk. Stir it until the color has been changed. Milk will start separating and Chena is prepared. Do not wash it as it will become hard. You can keep the Chena covered with a cloth for ten minutes.

Kneading Chena

Although Joynagerer Moa is a great sweet dish, Rasgulla will also give you pleasure. The kneading of Chena is the best process for getting smooth Rasgulla. After this process, adding semolina and flour have to be mixed.

Prepare Gur Syrup

For preparing the best sweets like Joynagerer Moa, Khejur Gur and Sugar is mixed in a proper ratio Boiling both the ingredients with water. The impurities appearing above the water are to be removed by the spoon.

Finally Making the Rasgulla

The balls of chena are prepared. No cracking in the balls is allowed. The syrup of Gur will give a pleasant taste to the balls. The round balls need to be dipped. Turn on the low flame of gas and put the syrup with balls on it. Let it cook for at least 30 to 40 minutes. This will give you a tasty treat.

This is a quite simple process of preparing Rasgulla. The toothsome dessert is very sapid for the individuals. Joynagerer Moa is another sweet dish that provides a brilliant taste.

The Conclusion

The bottom line says that the Khejur Gur is the perfect ingredient to prepare the best Rasgulla or maybe rice pudding. So, go for it and prepare a perfect delicacy for your guests or for you. This will make your moment a happier one.