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Did you use bamboo baskets ever? The handmade bamboo baskets and trays are durable and strong. In earlier times, bamboo baskets are used for carrying grains, wheat, etc. Now, people are using it for many other uses. Handmade bamboo products are used for decorative purposes also. Like sola flowers wholesale, the bamboo trays are also used for beautifying the interiors. Do you want to know the process of the bamboo basket? Let’s have a look at it and find the bamboo process.

The Spectacular of Bamboo Basket Process

A bamboo laundry basket is a perfect weave done manually by the artisans. The artisans divide the bamboo into strips. The thin strips of the bamboo are different in size. The whole process can be found below.

Procurement of Bamboo

The perfect procurement of bamboo laundry baskets is done in the local forest and hilly areas. Bamboo grass is moist and dry. The tropical and sub-tropical forests are the most common for getting the bamboo.


The bamboo poles are being cut by the artisans. Then the process of drying the poles is started. Artisans cleanly cut soft bamboo poles. This makes them in catching the further process of drying it partially.


For making beautifully weaved bamboo laundry baskets, the bamboo is being split. Splitting of the bamboo is finely done. The small sizes and shapes are derived by the splitting process.


The splits are soaked in the water to gain moisture. This makes them flexible. The process of soaking is quite important to prepare a bamboo laundry basket.


Weaving is the process that is crucial for a perfect bamboo laundry basket. The artisans use different weaving patterns for making an alluring basket. The most remarkable part is the artisans’ manual weaving of the basket. The arrangement of strips in a circular manner is performed for making the base of the basket.

The weaving is done alternatively and strips are run through the arranged pattern of strips. After the completion of the base, the side walls are weaved by bending the strips accordingly. The appropriate size of the basket is acquired by this continuous process of weaving.

Baskets are Finally Prepared

This whole process of making a bamboo laundry basket is attractive enough. This is the hard work of artisans that results in a proper handmade bamboo basket. People use it for laundry purposes, putting vegetables and fruits, and for decorative purposes also.

The Conclusion

The bottom line says that the artisans of bamboo baskets are quite talented. The perfect basket made of bamboo is strong and durable. The effective way to get a strengthened basket is the proper process of basket preparation. The artisans are well-versed to do the same.