Original Khejur Gur

Do you know about Palm Jaggery? You must have used it in many ways. The Bengali Patali Gur is the name of Date Palm Jaggery in Bengali. It is different from Nolen Gur in terms of solid texture. Palm Jaggery is quite a healthier ingredient best used in winters. Extracted from the Palm tree, this is also known by a variety of names. In Bengal, it is known as Nolen Gur Online, Tamil people use to say it Karupatti. The North Indians termed Palm Jaggery as Gur, and in Telugu, this is known as Taatibellam. The different names must have made you attracted to get into the details. Let us read about the perfect recipes made with Palm Jaggery.

Palm Jaggery is the Best Sweetener

You must be excited to read about the tasty dishes prepared with the help of Nolen Gur Online. The healthy ingredient is very helpful in reducing many problems. So, let us start with some of the dishes prepared with the help of this awesome ingredient.

Palm Jaggery Rasgulla

Thepalm jaggery Rasgulla is a traditional sweet of West Bengal in India. This is named Nolen Gurer Rosogolla. This dish is said to be the Queen of All Bengali Sweets. Nolen Gur Online is a great ingredient to make an awesome dish. The cottage cheese is used in the process. A perfect blend of chenna or cottage cheese develops a palatable taste after being boiled with the palm jaggery.

Palm Jaggery Halwa

The famous halwa is known as Karupatti Halwa. Nolen Gur Online gives the best tasted Karupatti Halwa. This is a popular dish in Tamil Nadu and Kerela. The halwa is quite smoother in texture and makes people happy to have it. The halwa is tasted best with palm jaggery, coconut milk, nuts, and ghee.


Patishapta is a traditional Bengali sweet. The recipe of Patishapta resembles pancakes. The Bengalis have this dish on some festive occasions. This is quite a simple dish to be prepared. This includes rice flour, refined flour, and semolina. The stuffing of coconut and Nolen Gur Online makes it delicious. It is used as a fine snack to be served for the breakfast.

Nolen Gurer Payesh

This is a tasty rice pudding made up with Nolen Gur online. A sweet winter dish is awesome with a great flavor to the pudding. With rice and milk, the Nolen Gurer Payesh gives a healthy flavor accompanied by dry fruits and ghee.

The Conclusion

The bottom line suggests that the palm jaggery has proved to be a taste builder. This is not just healthy but also filled with adelectable taste when mixed with a dish. So, you should always have palm jaggery in winter and make yourself healthier and fit.

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