As we all know, palm jaggery is quite advantageous for health. A perfect ingredient that is extracted from the sap of date palm trees is a great source of energy, and immunity, and offers many other benefits.

But this is possible if we consume jaggery within a limit. Overeating jaggery may lead to several side effects. Today, with this blog, we will let you know about the side effects that are quite important to be aware of.

Side Effects of Over-Eating Jaggery

These days, people are becoming aware of the benefits of eating Gur. Buying organic palm jaggery online has become a trend in the present scenario.

This is something great for keeping your health perfect. But there is one thing that needs to be taken care of, and that is eating jaggery on a limit.

Overconsuming the jaggery may result in the below consequences,

Weight Gain

The best palm jaggery is the perfect replacement for refined sugar. But do you know that jaggery has a high-calorie count that increases weight? Yes, that’s true.

So, eating jaggery as per the requirement may give you better results.

Constipation Issues

Although, if jaggery is consumed within the limits, it proves beneficial for the digestive system. But consuming freshly prepared palm jaggery in an excess amount may lead to constipation and ingestion.

So, take care before consuming jaggery over the limit.

Increases Blood Sugar Levels

Patients with diabetes should consume palm jaggery. Although jaggery is the replacement for sugar, this is not a great option when it comes to diabetics.

It suddenly raises blood sugar levels which is quite harmful to diabetics. So, avoid eating jaggery if you are suffering from diabetes.


Many people may develop allergies to jaggery. Some symptoms include cold, cough, running nose, vomiting, nausea, and so on.

So, avoiding palm jaggery in these cases is a wise decision.

Parasitic Infection

Sometimes jaggery may cause parasitic infection. If you are consuming palm jaggery that is not properly refined, and prepared in unhygienic conditions may cause parasitic infections.

So, it’s better to buy jaggery from the best store that prepares jaggery with full hygiene and provides the finest quality.

Despite the fact that this blog is about jaggery, overeating any food can have negative effects. Everything should be consumed in moderation for greater health and a healthy body.

The Conclusion

The bottom line says that consume date palm jaggery or Gur in moderate amounts for having the best health that is free from any side effects.