Bamboo Laundry Basket

Have you ever gone to Sundarbans? Not yet, no worries. Here, we will let you know about the original products from Sundarban and which are handmade and unique which will bring elegant beauty anywhere to your homes as well as offices.

Joynagar brings you the taste of Sundarbans in its 100% genuine products. bamboo laundry baskets and trays, sola wood flowers, etc., are some of the most used handmade products by the clients going through the prominent buying portal Joynagar.

Bamboo laundry baskets sold on the Joynagar platform are the bestsellers. These are named Handmade Bamboo Cane Laundry / Storage Basket. The baskets come in various sizes from very small to large baskets. The material used in the Bamboo baskets is mainly Natural Bamboo Cane. The best thing about the products of Joynagar is that they come at very affordable prices.

The products are not very expensive in nature and that’s why the products are being purchased by every group of clients. The handmade texture in the products makes them look unique and the material used is strong enough that give a long life to the product.

There are other kinds of baskets available on the buying portal. The Handmade Bamboo Square Curve Gift Hamper Basket and the Bamboo Cane Handprint Decorative Multicolor Bengali Style Soop/ Tray would also be a nice choice to buy. The products are really up to the mark to be bought and bring uniqueness to your home.

The Range of Uniqueness

The distinctive approach in the products of Joynagar can be seen in each and every range. Decorative flowers like the Sola Wood Flowers are the perfect example of the uniqueness of the portal range. Wood flowers are perfect for home décor, DIYs, and for weddings too. These sola wood flowers are made up of Shola Plant. These are basically in ivory color but can be easily dyed. The softness and plumpness of the flower make it more beautiful. There is a range of Sola wood flowers at the Joynagar portal. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

Azalea Sola Wood Flower

The flower is realistically styled with skin pieces within the center and curvy petals with twisted ends make it more unique and distinct.

Leilani Pine Sola Wood Flower

These are another beautiful range of artificial range to beautify your home. Giving a pine cone look, the Leilani Pine Sola Wood Flower is uniquely natural and handmade that can last forever.

Bonica Sola Wood Flower

Bonica Sola Wood Flower is another handmade art that looks similar petal-shaped as Dahlia. The flexible and soft layers provide its petals the plumpness and texture.

The Conclusion

So, browse to the beauty of Sundarbans by logging into the Joynagar page and feel the beauty of the handmade products and enjoy buying them soon, as they are worth buying.

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