Original Khejur Gur

Are you fond of eating jaggery? Do you love it as a sweetener? Or do you enjoy it as a healthy ingredient? Whatever the reasons, jaggery is quite an important ingredient. Joynagarer Moa Online is commonly used in households. But do you know about types of jaggery? Yes, you would be astonished to know of various types of jaggery. The benefits of jaggery are worthy enough for health. So, this blog will tell you the perfect range of jaggery. Let us sweeten your mind with the alluring advantages of jaggery as well.

Distinct Types of Jaggery

The traditional sweetener is prepared by evaporating the water from the sugarcane juice. Gur is found in three forms. Solid, Liquid, and granular forms of jaggeries are useful for various purposes. There are different types of jaggeries. Continue with this blog to find a taste of the same.

Date Palm Jaggery

Date palm jaggery is prepared with a simple process. With proper boiling of the sap of the date plant, the jaggery is a winter sweetener. It is famous in West Bengal. The soft melting texture of the date palm jaggery is palatable. The fragrance of dark chocolate is extremely awesome.

Sugarcane Jaggery

Sugarcane jaggery is a common one. The sweetness of this jaggery is great. It is available at an affordable price. A common type of jaggery is found in each household. The quality of sugarcane makes it a perfect sweetener. The boiling of sugarcane is the secret of its preparation.

Palmyra Jaggery

Boiling the sap of the Palmyra plant, this jaggery is prepared. Palmyra is a fruit that resembles a coconut. Palmyra fruit is darker than the color of coconut.

Toddy Palm Jaggery

The moa sweet online shopping, Online Khejur Gur is prepared by boiling the sap of Toddy’s palm plant. The specialty of Myanmar is golden brown.

Some Benefits of Jaggery

Jaggery has multiple benefits, some of them are as follows:

  • Jaggery recipe is helpful at the time of constipation.
  • A perfect blood purifier, the cleansing of blood is possible with regular use of jaggery.
  • Detoxification of the liver
  • Jaggery has immunity boosting capacity
  • Cold and flu are better treated with the help of jaggery
  • Anemia can be cured with jaggery. You can reach the right hemoglobin with the regular intake of jaggery after meals.

The Conclusion

The bottom line suggests that jaggery is a beneficial ingredient. The regular use of jaggery helps you get ample health benefits. The use of jaggery is the best in winters. The cold and flu will never hurt you by using jaggery.

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