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6 Must Try Bengali Sweets Made of Nolen Gur

27 Oct 2021

Sweets Made of Nolen Gur

For every sweet-loving Bengali, winters are impossible without Nolen Gur. It is jaggery that is produced using Wild Date Palm. Regardless of whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner, every meal in Bengali families closes with a serving of solid chunks of Nolen Gur, liquid Nolen Gur, or various other desserts made with the Nolen Gur. Every Bengali wants to find the best jaggery during the winter. So, your only destination should be Joynagar as they offer the best quality Nolen Gur Online. Let’s now find out about the kinds of sweets made from Nolen Gur:

1) Nolen Gurer Rosogolla

Rosogolla or Rasgulla, are handmade ball-shaped sweets made with chhena or common Indian cottage cheese, sugar syrup, and are usually white. It is one of the most famous sweets across West Bengal. During the winter season, Date Palms are harvested and collected. Nolen Gurer Rosogolla is made with syrup extracted from the date palms, rather than sugar. This sweet is absolutely adored by every Bengali!

2) Nolen Gur Payesh

Payesh is a kind of liquid pudding which is made with milk, rice, and sugar. It is prepared at home for special events like birthday events or for cultural and traditional events. The dish is garnished with cashew nuts, almonds, and raisins. Liquid Nolen gur is added to Payesh to increase its taste. But you need to find the best Nolen gur as adding one of bad quality might ruin the dish. To find the best Nolen Gur Online, reach Joynagar!

3) Nolen Gur Kancha Golla

Kancha Golla, which is also famous as Pran Hara, is made from all the same types of ingredients that are used to make Sandesh. In contrast to Sandesh, Kancha Golla is soft and graceful and has a harder surface. It is a famous sweet when made with liquid Nolen gur.

4) Nolen Gur Patisapta

Patisapta is a thin pancake roll kind of sweet made with rice flour and loaded with a rice pudding. The pudding is made by drying milk or grated coconuts. Liquid Nolen gur is added to the filling. It is again the most loved dessert by Bengalis. It is commonly prepared during Makar Sankranti or Poush Sankranti, the time when rice is reaped.

5) Nolen Gurer Sandesh

Sandesh is made with chhena, milk, and sugar syrup. It is another famous and wanted staple sweet across most of the Bengali families. Sandesh, which are garnished with nuts, fruits, cashews, etc., are usually sold at a higher price contrasted with ones without them. During the winter months, the confectioners make use of Nolen Gur instead of sugar syrup. This sweet mostly stays in demand all over the year.

6) Joynagarer Moa

Made with the best quality Nolen gur, Kanakchur Khoi, unadulterated ghee, cardamom, and poppy seeds, it's specially made during the winters as both the puffed rice and the Nolen gur are found particularly in that season. It is molded to round balls and garnished with raisins and nuts. To experience the best taste of moa, you need to visit Joynagar and buy Joynagar Moa Online today!

As Nolen Gur is mostly found in the winter months, the craze for these sweets increases during winters. If you want to buy these sweets like Rosogolla, Sandesh, or the famous Joynagarer Moa online, then you should reach Joynagar now!

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