6 Must Try Bengali Sweets Made of Nolen Gur

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For every sweet-loving Bengali, winters are impossible without Nolen Gur. It is jaggery that is produced using Wild Date Palm. Regardless of whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner, every meal in Bengali families closes with a serving...

What Makes Joynagarer Moa a Delicate Brand?

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The popular Joynagar Moa is a must-buy for every single Bengali family during the winter months. Handmade by the finest confectioners near Kolkata, this sweet sends everybody into a food unconsciousness. A moa is made with Khoi (puffed...

5 Contributions of Jaggery in Bengali Sweet Industry

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The Indian sweet desserts are very popular all over the world. All the Indian states have some specialties that make every state popular among the sweet lovers, not only in India but also from other countries. A large...