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Nolen Gur: The Queen of Bengal in Winter

23 Feb 2022

Nolen Gur Online

Jaggery has a long and storied history in India. It's one of the world's oldest foods, and Ayurveda has been discussed extensively on its health advantages. Jaggery is increasingly seen as a better alternative to sugar because of its ability to deliver warmth and energy to the body.

Jaggery is divided into two types: one that is produced from sugarcane and is likewise quite tasty, but it is at the bottom of the jaggery hierarchy. The top and the most expensive product is 'Nolen Gur,' which means 'new jaggery' in Bengali. And to get the best nolen gur, go no further than Joynagar.

Ritualistically, this is the jaggery derived from the sap of the date palm tree in West Bengal and Jharkhand's small-scale industries. Hundreds of workers are hired to produce this gur, which is accessible from November until the end of January.

The date palm jaggery (khejur gur) is the most popular type of jaggery. Apart from being delicious, date palm jaggery offers numerous health benefits and is recommended for consumption during the winter season. To get the authentic date palm jaggery online, reach Joynagar now!

The 'jhola gur' (also known as nolen gur) and the 'patali gur' are two different types of date palm jaggery. Jhola is derived from the Bengali word 'Jhol', which refers to a liquid. This liquid jaggery, which is only available for a limited time, is a dense, brown liquid with a dazzling shine. It's a versatile sweetener that may be used in many dishes. You may also use it to drizzle over cakes, brownies, pancakes, and many more.

Patali Gur is a solidified khejur gur with a deep brown color and a melt-in-your-mouth texture. They are shaped like small cakes, rectangular boxes, or circular discs. They're solid but not brittle, and you can break and crush them to make a variety of sweets. To get the best Bengali patali gur, go no further than Joynagar.

Nolen Gur is the best dessert accessory, according to several Bengal confectioners and sweet makers. This could indicate why Nolen Gur versions of traditional desserts like sondesh and rosogolla are frequently more expensive than sweets made with 'cheeni' or sugar.

Because of the availability of Nolen Gur, a variety of desserts such as Patishapta, Pithe, and Joynagerer Moa are also available during the winter months. After Poush Sankranti, the supply of date palm jaggery becomes limited, so these products and a slew of other unusual winter delicacies are impossible to find.

Winter is one of the most eagerly anticipated seasons of the year in Bengal, or in Bengali households across the country because it is the season of the date palm jaggery. So, to get this authentic heavenly delicious date palm jaggery online, go no further than Joynagar.

Not only nolen gur, khejurer gur, and patali gur, but Joynagar also offers a variety of products to the market, including numerous bamboo products, Joynagarer moa, artificial flowers, cane basket trays, Pure Sundarban Honey, and many more at an affordable price right at your doorstep. Visit their website for detailed information.


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