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Some Facts About Palm Jaggery You Should Know

21 Oct 2021
Palm Jaggery Online

Palm jaggery, otherwise called Khejur gur, is a phenomenal option for white sugar. It is produced using freshly produced juice acquired from the date palm trees and is stacked with various kinds of minerals and nutrients. It improves the flavor of numerous Bengali sweets and desserts, like Joynagarer Moa, and contains no synthetic compounds or artificial elements. It has different restorative properties and medical benefits - from boosting your immunity and keeping your body warm to treating cold. Also, it is important to know which Palm Jaggery Online is real and what are its benefits. Let’s find out!

How to Choose the Best and Pure Palm Jaggery?

Pure jaggery has a few characteristics which might help you to find out which online platform is offering the best jaggery. It has features like:

  1. Pure palm jaggery has a sweet taste. In case you find it to be bitter, then surely you have made the wrong choice!
  2. The color of the jaggery is another important characteristic. Always ensure to choose the jaggery which is dark brown in color. While buying Palm Jaggery Online, if you find the color to be yellowish, don’t purchase that. You can prefer to visit Joynagar as it offers the best jaggery.
  3. Most sellers add chalk powder to jaggery. So to test whether it’s pure or not, you just have to take a small amount and dissolve it in water. You can clearly see the powder settling down.

    Benefits of Palm Jaggery

    Effective During Pregnancy:

    The prime cause of low-birth-weight babies is poor nutrition. It is suggested to have jaggery 7 months before delivery as it will be highly nutritious and beneficial for the mother. It works as a purifier of breast milk, removing all the impurities.

    Helps to Prevent Cough And Cold:

    In case you suffer from frequent cough and cold, then you must try to have palm jaggery. You just need to take a small piece of jaggery in lukewarm water and have it. Also, try to replace jaggery with sugar while having your morning tea.

    Improves Metabolism:

    This is referred to as one of the main advantages of jaggery as it improves your digestion. It acts as a detox that eliminates the unnecessary or foreign particles from the liver and cleanses your body.

    Helps to Maintain the Blood Pressure Levels:

    Palm jaggery is rich in nutrients like potassium and sodium. It, therefore, plays an important role in retaining the acid levels in our body. It also decreases the water preservation in your body.

    Can Be Used As a Sugar Substitute:

    Palm jaggery is an outstanding substitute for sugar. In case you are a diabetic patient, then you must choose to add jaggery to your daily diet.

    You can try to find the best jaggery in your local market. But if you fail to find the pure and best one, then prefer to buy Palm Jaggery Online along with Joynagarer Moa Online at Joynagar. We aim at delivering the best quality products to all our customers.

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