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The Queen of Flavours in Winter: Khejur Gur and Patali Gur

17 Jan 2022

Original Khejur Gur

The sap of the Date Palm Tree (Khejur Tree) is used to make Date Palm Jaggery (Khejur Gur). The sap is collected from the Date palm tree and cooked for a long time (by confectioners who are essentially ranchers) to alter its straightforward shading to Burgundy Color, after which it is allowed to cool and cement. The hardening process is usually done in an earthen pot, which improves the flavor and extends the product's life. However, Patali gur is a Bengal delicacy that is well-known throughout the world. It's used to add flavor and taste to a variety of sweets, as well as in a variety of ice cream parlor items.

Date Palm Jaggery, also known as 'Nalen Gur,' 'Notun Gur,' or 'Khejur Gur,' is unique to Bengal. With the first signs of a pinch appearing all over, Kolkata's neighborhood sweet (dessert) shops are bustling with eager customers ordering dairy-based delicacies made with the 'New Jaggery.' 'Nolen' stands for new, while 'gur' stands for jaggery. So, if you need the original khejur gur online, reach Joynagar now!

This gur is only available in the winter and has an unrivaled aroma and flavor. The 'gur' is protected by family ranchers in the Kolkata suburbs of West Bengal. To collect the sap that seeps out of the Date Palm Tree, a cut is made in it and an earthen container is attached just beneath it. This sap is then boiled in massive iron containers, hardened into squares, and sold in the business industry. It's one-of-a-kind because the entire technique should only be possible during the winter, gaining it the name 'Nalen Gur' or New Jaggery. It is also crisp over the winter months since it becomes ranked in the summer due to the heat. It is also commonly converted into Date Palm Syrup for utilization.

There are no synthetic ingredients or additions in this product; it is completely natural and far more healthful than sugar. Nolen gur is, in fact, recommended for people who have diabetes. When compared to refined and processed sugar, gur has a grungy and complex structure that ensures a slower entrance of sugar into the circulatory system.

Nalen gur, otherwise called ‘Notun (new/crisp) gur (jaggery)’ or ‘Khejur (date palm) gur’ , is only handy during the winter months. It's available in a semisolid condition when crisply arranged, and it's also marketed in its cemented structure as 'Patali gur' (roundabout/oval circles).

It's unbelievable that nature sets herself up each winter in Bengal to treat us with the sweet nectar that is separated from the khejur or palm trees. This delicious nectar, also known as date palm jaggery, has its own crude technique and planning specialty. Drop by drop, the sap falls into the earthen pot tied to a specific fragment of the date palm or khejur tree in the medium term. The earthen containers are gathered early in the day, loaded with crisp and cool sap.

When the crisp sap is collected, it is poured onto a metal dish that has been prepared for ideal bubbling, known as jaal, for a few hours, until the sap changes color from light dark to a deep brilliant deeper, while savoring its extraordinary smell. Finally, it turns out to be rather gooey and clingy. This is Nolen gur or date palm jaggery that isn't solidified. The Patali gur is the name given to the hardened structure. And to get the best bengali patali gur, reach Joynagar right away.

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