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Take a Look at this Traditional Sweet Dish from Joynagar: The Pride of Bengal

12 Jan 2022

Joynagar Moa

While December may be the season of Christmas and New Year celebrations for the rest of the country, it is finally that time of year when residents of Kolkata (yet Bengal) break out their arsenal of heavenly winter sweets, and now, with the help of the State Government, this traditional sweetmeat - Joynagarer moa, is ready for export. Now, it is also available online. So, if you need joynagarer moa online to spend a lovely and tasty winter, reach Joynagar now!

Joynagar's moa (a type of sweet roasted rice-based ball) is a traditional Bengali favorite. It's only accessible during the winter months when the ingredients are in season. It is the first Bengali sweet that has received the GI (Geographical Indication). It is really a proud feeling moment for all Bengalees. So, don't miss the chance to taste it!

Due to "Moya," the name of the village "Joynagar Mozilpur" in the district of South 24 Parganas, roughly 50 kilometers from Kolkata, is remembered by all West Bengal residents. Purnachandra Ghosh alias Bunchikibabu, together with Nitya Gopal Sarkar, are regarded as the pioneers of Joynagar's moa. The name 'Moya' is known not only in West Bengal but also in other Indian states.

"Moya," a popular sweet, is made from "Kanakchur Dhaan," which has a distinct aroma and flavor. Nolen Gur (date palm tree extract jaggery with exceptional taste and aroma), kanakchur khoi (a type of popped rice created from a particular variety of aromatic rice), gawa ghee (a form of clarified butter made from cow milk), elach (cardamom), cashew, kheer, and raisins (kismis) are also used to make Joynagarer moa.

Both Nolen gur and Kanakchur rice are winter products (available between November to January), and hence Joynagarer moa is handy during this time only. And not only in Joynagarer moa, but Nolen gur is also used in many delicious sweets that can satiate your tongue. If you go to someone's house or some guest comes to your house in the winter season, everyone will surely be satisfied with Nolen gur sweets. So, to get the best Nolen gur online, feel free to reach Joynagar.

Joynagar, Baharu, and Charan are some of the places in West Bengal that produce Joynagarer moa with the original ingredients. In 2015, Joynagarer moa received a Geographical Indication tag, which will protect the product from unauthorized usage and piracy. As packs of moa are set to be exported, this goodwill will be put to good use.

The genuine Joynagarer Moa packages with the GI tag will be available in popular places (like in the biggest shopping malls, large department stores, and renowned sweet shops) starting in the first week of December. The GI stamp and the approved logo allocated to the sweet will be printed on the specifically created packages to prove that what's inside is genuine and of superior taste and quality compared to what we generally use.

So, to get the best joynagarer moa online at a reasonable price, reach Joynagar right now. You can get the authentic joynagarer moa as much as you need from here. And, the best thing is, you don't need to get out of your house! So, enjoy this winter with your family and friends with the traditional Bengal delicacy Joynagarer Moa.

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