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An Overview of Including Jaggery in Your Daily Routine

18 Nov 2021

Online Patali Gur

In case you are a sweet lover, you are have definitely tried and heard about jaggery. It is an amazing aroma and taste. It is usually golden brown in color and melts in your mouth the moment you have it! Jaggery is very commonly sold in all over West Bengal and Jharkhand and has a common name of “gur”. There are various kinds of gur like Patali gur and Khejur gur. People usually prefer to buy gur from their local market, but you can also buy Online Patali Gur. Here are some interesting facts and benefits of jaggery you should know about:

How and with What is Jaggery Made?

Whenever you try something new, the first thing you do is finding out how is it made? So how is jaggery made?

Firstly, sugarcanes and dates are collected from the fields. Then, it is put in specific machines in order to extract the juice from them.

Secondly, the extracted juice is poured into large containers. The undesirable particles are deposited at the bottom of the container. This overall process is called the clarification process in which the pure liquid is extracted after straining the sugarcane juice.

Thirdly, the juice then poured in a boiling pan and stirred for at least two hours. The farmers make sure that it doesn’t get too lumpy. Some amount of baking soda is also sprinkled in order to remove any impurities present.

Finally, the thickened paste is ready and is put into proper containers. Then, it is cooled and packed in proper ways to deliver them to the clients. This is how Original Khejur Gur is made.

Why is Consuming Jaggery Advised During The Winter Months?

There are certain benefits of having Original Khejur Gur, especially during the winter months:

Helps to Generate Heat Inside the Body:

Jaggery has a hot effectiveness that indicates throughout the metabolism process, certain amount of heat in generated in our body. One gram of jaggery contains 4 calories, thus generating heat inside our body. During the winters, our blood vessels become constricted. In that case, jaggery helps in dilating the blood vessels and enhancing the blood flow. The Online Patali Gur offered by Joynagar doesn’t have any added preservatives and is rich in minerals, anti-oxidants, iron, phosphorus, etc. which makes it even more beneficial for your body.

Improves the Level of Production of Digestive Enzymes and Prevents Constipation

Consuming jaggery regulates the reactions in our body, helps in cooling the stomach, improves the production of digestive enzymes and gets transformed to acetic acid. It also improves the bowel movements, therefore, preventing constipation.

Removes Toxins from the Body

Consuming Original Khejur Gur removes the excess toxins present in our body. It has various properties, one of which is its anti-allergic properties which helps in preventing cold and cough during the winter season. It also purifies blood, thereby, improving the blood flow to our organs. It also cleanses the respiratory tract and makes it resistive to infections.

The Online Patali Gur available at Joynagar has all the goodness in it without any added chemicals or preservatives. It brings to you the most authentic and pure form of jaggery so that you can enjoy its delicious taste as well as goodness.

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