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Facts about Sundarban Honey Which Makes it Much Better Than Sugar

23 Nov 2021

Sundarban Honey Online

Two of the most common sweeteners used by most people are sugar and honey. But, many people also make use of jaggery instead of sugar. Here, we will focus on why and how raw and pure Sundarban Honey is a better replacement for sugar.

Similarities and Differences of Sundarban Honey and White Sugar

Basically, both honey and sugar are carbohydrates, containing two different types of sugar, i.e. glucose and fructose. Sweeteners contain refined fructose which is being metabolized by the liver and is associated with causing obesity, diabetes, as well as fatty liver disease. It is being studied that glucose and fructose, both are broken down by our body very quickly and can also be the cause of your sudden rise in blood sugar levels.

Sugar and honey have different proportions of sugars in them. Raw and pure Sundarban Honey contains 40% fructose and 30% of glucose, while white sugar contains 50% fructose and 50% glucose. The remaining 30% of honey consists of water, pollen, and various other nutrients and minerals like potassium. These particular contents of honey make it beneficial for the health of humans. White sugar has a high glycaemic index, which is the cause of the sudden rise in blood sugar levels.

Benefits of Sundarban Honey

Contains Additional Nutrients and is Not Much Processed as Sugar
As previously mentioned, along with fructose and glucose, honey also contains some traces of local pollen along with some nutrients like:

  • Antioxidants
  • Enzymes
  • Amino acids
  • Minerals
  • Vitamins

Also, honey is much less processed than sugar and is only pasteurized before using it, to remove the impurities present in it. Raw Sundarban Honey contains more antioxidants and enzymes than pasteurized ones.

Aids in Weight Loss

Though both honey and sugar are sweeteners, honey is a natural sweetener that makes it healthy and helps in weight loss. Honey contains other types of sugar particles that are not easily digested by the body, therefore, those are not stored as fats. As it is a natural immunity booster, it also supplies essential nutrients to our body.

Contemporary Uses of Honey

Raw Sundarban Honey has many uses due to its antimicrobial properties:

  • Seborrheic dermatitis: It is found that honey can be used as a cure to improve seborrheic dermatitis. The disease causes a flaky and itchy scalp. In case you want to get rid of it, you can consider applying honey weekly on your scalp. It can also help you fight your hair fall problems.
  • Wound healing: Honey has magical benefits and offers natural as well as a safe treatment for chronic wounds, burns, and ulcers.

It is Easier to Digest

Honey is much easier to digest by the body than sugar. White sugar has to be consumed before breaking it down. But, while bees produce honey, they add some enzymes to it which partially break down the sugar partially before it is ingested. Therefore, making it easy to digest.

Here, we discussed an overview of why Sundarban Honey is much healthier for our system than white sugar. But, many people also prefer to buy Online Khejur Gur to replace it with sugar. Jaggery, undoubtedly, has numerous benefits and is a much better substitute for sugar. In case you want to try both honey and jaggery before settling on some choice, choose to reach Joynagar as it offers the best and pure quality honey, as well as jaggery.

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