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How Joynagar Can Help Farmers to Overcome Poverty?

23 Sep 2021
Farmers to Overcome Poverty

There has been a common discussion on how the demand for E-commerce has been increasing by a growing number of consumers. The authority of the Internet lies in having the option to decrease what financial specialists would call "market inadequacies" by giving stages or "commercial marketing centers" where the data stream is consistent and decisions can be made by purchaser and dealer with this data.

Market defects show themselves in the absolute most unmistakable style in India's agriculture area which hires more than 100 million people. Associates of this farming underclass carry on their work with a hand-to-mouth presence by accepting resource level costs for their items that are set by wholesalers by a mechanism which they are usually unfit to comprehend. E-commerce platforms like Joynagar plan certain programs for the farmers or for people living in rural areas. The program offers important types of assistance in three regions:

  • Simple and affordable admittance to labor and products in deprived regions including distribution of buyer merchandise to provincial regions and farm produce to urban communities, recharge of mobiles, service charge payments, booking train or air tickets, reserving hotels, just as microfinance, online medical conference with doctors, and online learning;
  • Arrangement of environmental and internet support for practical rural advancements, including bringing up issues regarding the use of the Internet among neighborhood authorities, assembling the capacity of nearby firms to utilize the Internet for business, training the farmers and youth about how to utilize the Internet.
  • Infrastructure improvement for the new economy, including logistics and financial systems, cloud computing, and data assortment.

Other than having these goals, Joynagar aims at providing the farmers a better lifestyle to decrease their poverty. They partner with the farmers who can provide them with the best quality products like Sundarban Forest Raw Honey, Rice, Pulse, Spices, etc. Here are some other ways how e-commerce can help the farmers:

1. Decreasing expenses and expanding the yearly incomes for the poor through internet business.

The agency’s online shopping retail stage has expanded the incomes of the farmers and in other rural regions. Through internet business, some rural regions have changed their traditional industries to acquire new strength, some have extended deals of their locals and traditional items, and some have learned about new market needs and enhanced production with local resources to fulfill their requirements.

2. Drawing in youthful migrant laborers to get back to their towns and start their own organizations

The quick improvement of rural e-commerce businesses provides a chance for young migrant workers to get back to their towns and start their own organizations. Joynagar has made efforts to provide jobs to farmers like farmer-online shop vendors. They provide the products to the e-commerce businesses and get profit in return. Farmer-online shop vendors sell pure or hand-crafted items by means of e-commerce platforms.

3. Increasing access to financial amenities

Various e-commerce platforms have taken possible steps to alleviate poverty in rural areas. They offer online borrowing to farmer-online market vendors or other small businesses. It formed an agrarian lending business model for offline and online data. For people or farmers who don’t own any small business, the e-commerce business owners identify their needs and check their creditworthiness accordingly.

There are several more steps that are taken by e-commerce platforms like Joynagar or other governments to improve the earnings and reduce the poverty of the farmers.

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