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5 Contributions of Jaggery in Bengali Sweet Industry

23 Sep 2021
Joynagarer Moa

The Indian sweet desserts are very popular all over the world. All the Indian states have some specialties that make every state popular among the sweet lovers, not only in India but also from other countries. A large variety of Indian sweets are exported to other countries as their demand is very high there. When it comes to Indian sweets, the name of West Bengal remains on top and there are ample reasons for that.

The Bengali sweet dishes are very delicious as they are made with high-quality ingredients and that is why they taste awesome. The ‘Rosogolla’ or the ‘Rasgulla’ has been extremely popular even in distant countries. Today, you may find many leading confectioners from Kolkata and other parts of West Bengal are exporting this popular dessert all over the world. Here, one cannot avoid talking about the use of jaggery in some of the exquisite dishes or preparations.

Nolen Gur or Patali Gur:

It is a special variety of jaggery that comes with a very fascinating fragrance. Obtained from the date palm trees, the jaggery is available every year only in the winter season. Prepared by the people in some of the prominent districts of West Bengal, the Nolen Gur or Patali Gur becomes an essential ingredient for a wide array of sweets that people taste with amazing satisfaction levels.

Use of Special Kind of Jaggery in Making of Highly-Tasty Sweet Dishes:

As mentioned, the specialized and naturally-scented jaggery contributes to the making of some exquisite dishes that are extremely popular among the sweet lovers in the state, in India, and also in many countries worldwide.


Even if a normal sugar Rasgulla is known for its delightful taste, the taste of jaggery Rasgulla is just awesome. The sweet lovers only demand this variety and that is why the confectioners reduce the production of sugar Rasgulla during the winter season. It continues till the special jaggery is available in the market.


After Rasgulla, Sandesh is yet another delicious and popular sweet from West Bengal. The taste of this delicious sweet dish increases with the use of fresh jaggery that is available in the market. The flavor of the dish is simply mind-blowing!


Also termed as ‘khir’, Payesam has been a great sweet dish that the natives of the state love to taste on every special occasion. Made with milk, flavored rice, and some other materials get a unique aroma and taste when the makers use Nolen Gur or Patali Gur in it. It tastes miraculous indeed!


It has been a popular sweet dessert that has gained enormous popularity in the last few years. The well-known ice-cream companies in West Bengal introduce special varieties that they make with this special flavored jaggery. The traditional ice-cream varieties become extremely delicious under the impact of this flavored jaggery.

Joynagarer Moya (Moa):

This is a special sweet that is closely related to Nolen Gur or Patali Gur. It is available only when liquid date palm jaggery is also available. Essentially, this special sweet preparation is made with the stuffed rice obtained from ‘Kanakchur Paddy’ and ‘Ghee’ or ‘Khoya Kheer.’ The experts believe that this Moya is virtually impossible without this flavored Gur.

SO, you see that Nolen Gur or Patali Gur has been a prominent gift of Nature that brings substantial relishing impact on the tongue as it is an inevitable ingredient for the preparation of highly tasty Bengali sweet dishes.

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