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What Makes Joynagarer Moa a Delicate Brand?

29 Sep 2021
Joynagar Moa

The popular Joynagar Moa is a must-buy for every single Bengali family during the winter months. Handmade by the finest confectioners near Kolkata, this sweet sends everybody into a food unconsciousness. A moa is made with Khoi (puffed rice), is breakable and delicate, and has a mouth-melting taste. Mixed with cardamom and Bengal's renowned Nolen gur (liquid jaggery produced using date palms and found mainly in winter). It is a ball-shaped piece of paradise. The best ones are made with Khoi from a kind of rice known as kanakchur. Let’s know more about why it stands as a delicate brand:

Delicious Taste:

Joynagar Moa is one of the most favorite sweets that people of West Bengal love to taste. Right from the beginning of the winter months in November-December every year, people wait for the sweet shops to come up with the best quality of Joynagar Moa. Prepared by the most adept confections of Joynagar, the taste of this amazing sweet is loved by everyone, irrespective of age or sex.

Amazing Ingredients:

The amazing taste of Joynagarer Moa is made with the finest materials that are exclusively available during the winter months only. These ingredients include palm jaggery or Patali Gur that the farmers take out fresh juice from the palm trees and then, they process it to make the finest quality of Patali Gur. Known for its amazing taste and aroma, the Gur is extremely popular among people and they even prefer buying Palm Jaggery Online. Apart from this aromatic jaggery, the confectioners use a special type of puffed rice (or Khoi) that they make from special Kanakchur Dhan. These are not all! The confectioners even use coconut and some more delicate ingredients to make the delicious quality of Joynagar Moa. Remember, these ingredients make the best quality of moa.

Aroma Puts the Moa Well in Demand!

If you have a close look at the various characteristics that make the moa an on-demand sweet in and around Kolkata and West Bengal. The product gets a delicate taste and aroma that people do not find in any other sweet. It is good to remember that West Bengal has a rich tradition of high-quality sweets, but the reputation of Joynagar Moa is above all the variations. Though many well-known confectioners make this reputed brand of sweet, the real lovers of Moa prefer getting it from the local confectioners in Joynagar, a place in South 24 Parganas in West Bengal!

The Sweet Has Made Joynagar Popular as a Brand Too!

This popular brand of Moa gets its name from the place from where it actually originates! Joynagar is a municipality in South 24 Parganas. Located in the south of Kolkata, Joynagar has gained international repute and has established itself as a brand itself. As a result, the product is recognized as Joynagar Moa even if it is made by the local confectioners anywhere in West Bengal.

So, you see how Joynagar Moa has become a popular sweet brand in West Bengal and states around it. The makers and marketers of this popular sweet brand from West Bengal deliver it to other parts of the country and abroad as well.

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