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Blood Honey: A Growing and Demanding Business Even in this Digital Era

25 Jan 2022

Original Sundarban Honey

Because of its nutritional value and purity, pure Sundarban Honey is in high demand. Wildflowers in the mangrove forests where the Ganges flow into the Bay of Bengal are used to make it. It's a classic, multiflora honey, with a long list of health advantages. People from the Moulis community (traditional honey collectors) who live in the area are seeing their lives change.

Why is it Named Blood Honey?

  • Because this honey is collected from the home to the Royal Bengal tigers, the risk of death is so high, and that's why it is called "Blood Honey." It's also roughly twice the price of branded honey.
  • According to locals, numerous people have been attacked by tigers while collecting honey in the forests in this area. The intensity of risk is tremendous, as every year people die venturing into the deep forests to collect honey.

Why the Price is Higher than Others?

People often wonder why Sundarban honey is more expensive. Because they find renowned branded honey in the market, which is less costly than this non-branded blood honey. So, what's the reason behind the high price?

Firstly, a significant portion of this cost input is going deep into the forest area. It signifies that there are no pesticides, chemicals, or other contaminants in this product. In addition, the purpose of ventures like this is to keep the community financially afloat. So, we can definitely help these people by buying this honey at a little bit extra price. And, if you want to order pure Sundarban honey online, reach Joynagar now.

Health Benefits of Blood Honey

There are so many benefits associated with this famous honey which are listed below:

  • It is a rich source of antioxidants, especially phenolic compounds.
  • Its topical application can recover wounds and burns.
  • It also actively acts on acne and removes dandruff as well.
  • It includes antibacterial and antifungal properties.
  • It can alleviate allergies, boost memory, aid in digestion, and sleep.
  • It heals a sore throat, usual cough & cold, that's why people hunt for it in season changing time.
  • It is a good source of flavonoids which reduces the risk of cancer, heart disease, asthma, and many more.

Organizations Involved in this Noble Work

Currently, some local organizations like Bonphool, Dhenki, and Sundarini Naturals are investing in safer honey collection processes and growing yearly in response to the considerable increase in demand.

Sundarban Banaraksha Bahumukhi Samabay Samity, which installed bee-boxes in a protected forest area and farms their own honey. The Joint Forest Management Committee, a partnership entity of the local community and the forest department, established three self-help groups (SHGs) to provide the people with an alternative livelihood.

Winter Bonus

So, with this pure Sundarban honey, you can get protected from the usual cough & cold and can enjoy a splendid and tasty winter season. Winter is the season when some delicious products come into the market, like Joynagarer moa, Nolen or Khejur gur, patali gur, and many more. These can satiate your tongue and make these 2-3 sweet months memorable for the whole year.

So, don't be figure conscious in this season; taste at least a little bit of every delicious product. And, if you need the best liquid Nolen Gur online at a reasonable price, reach Joynagar right now! Visit their website for detailed information.

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